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obama right now in a lot of the same way that he was comparing himself to obama's failures on the economy as he would put it. this was a failure on foreign policy sort of speech that didn't necessarily delineate what mitt romney would actually do. there were words, hope isn't a strategy, but what is mitt romney's strategy that's different from barack obama's with regard to israel and iran? >> jonathan, real quick, this was a speech rife from specifics everything from building 15 ships a year and three submarines to requiring nato allies to commit 2% of gdp to security. there were some specifics in in speech. >> there were definitely some specifics. i don't mean to say there weren't. i think it's difficult also as a challenge to get to this place where you can criticize the president effectively by laying out your own plans without going so far as to be, you know, helpful to america's enemies. i think it's a difficult game to play. there were certain things i heard. for instance, in libya he said that he believed that the best course for the united states was to continue to
the debates. right now president obama is about to make modern history. the president is in california where he'll unveil a national monument in horne of cesar chavez who led the farm worker monument. it's the first national monument since the 1700s to horne the latino. the latino vote is heavily skewed towards the president, but the issue is enthusiasm. we know this visit today in california with this national monument is a big one for the president. as for governor romney, he took direct aim at president obama's handling of foreign policy during his speech at the military institute in virginia. it's the tenth foreign policy speech of romney's campaign. >> when we look at the middle east today, with iran closer than ever to nuclear weapons capability, with the conflict in syria threatening to destabilize the region, and with violent extremists on the march, and with an american ambassador and three others dead likely at the hands of al qaeda affiliates, it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. i know the president hopes for a safe
expanded its early voting program and a majority of those who voted early supported barack obama. the right wing is determined to stop history from repeating itself. leading the charge, this man, ohio's republican secretary of state jon husted. this year, he's fought early voting hours and block weekend voting and fire election officials who disagreed with him. but on friday husted suffered a big setback. early voting was restored for three days before election day. husted is now reviewing his legal options. but voting suppression isn't just happening in republican legislatures. it's also happening in the street at polling stations. so there's an investigation into voter intimidation. more on that coming up. playing ] dd couple humans. even when we cross our "t"s and dot our "i"s, we still run into problems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify, where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where if you total your new car, we give you the money for a n
right now. >>> happening now, mitt romney rips apart president obama's foreign policy and takes the lead in a brand-new poll that is being released right now. >>> also, more than 100 cases of meningitis now reported in an outbreak caused by a tainted steroid. the death toll is climbing as well. >>> plus, behind the scenes of a death-defying record attempt. a supersonic jump from the edge of space. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> this just coming in, a major shake-up in the polls. only 29 days before the presidential election. mitt romney clearly riding very high since his strong showing in the first presidential debate. and now he has taken the lead in a closely watched and highly respected poll. take a look at these numbers just released by the pew research center. mitt romney now four points ahead of president obama among likely voters nationwide, erasing the president's eight-point lead before the first debate. let's go deeper right now with our chief political analyst gloria borger, she's joining us. it's clear that that debate has really, really helped mitt rom
press show." >> bill: all right. president obama on the west coast spending a night in las vegas, and then he moves only to bakersville this morning. he is traveling up to the town of keen where caesar chavez lived and is buried . giving an important address to the latino community. then on to san francisco where he will speak at three different fund raisers this evening, one at 4:00 then 7:15 and then 9:40 pm tonight in san francisco. busy day. we will come back here with more on the "full court press" stay around, another hour to go. >> announcer: this the "bill press show." the [♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: good morning, everybody. what do you say? good to see you today and welcome to the "full court press" here on current tv this monday morning october 8th, great to have you on board. we have got a lot to talk about, we'll bring you the issues and news of the day, and talk your comments at 866-55-press. a lot of anticipation for the second big debate this week. this time the vice president debate between joe biden and paul ryan. reportedly the president cal
are going to wind up, and that's been the big concern of the obama administration right now. how do you make sure that the weapons you provide rebels are really going to the good guys as it were as opposed to the potential bad guys and that's not an easy question to answer. >> never. in fact, we have countless examples where this has gone awry. hold the thought for a moment. if you could stand by, i have a lot more questions i need to ask you. in the meantime as the news continues to break, i want to check in now on mitt romney who spent the weekend campaigning in florida before heading to virginia. that's where today's live event is about to take place and our national political correspondent jim acosta is live on the campaign trail. he is live in lexington, virginia, where the foreign policy speech will take place. i understand you have seen a few parts of the speech and the excerpts. we've had some as well. tell me what your feel is when are you on the ground. are you getting a good feel for the mood of this campaign? has it taken an about turn? are we going to see an attack on the presid
will get you up to speed right now. president obama on the west coast tonight attending a few fund-raising events in los angeles one of the l.a. fundraisers was a private event, and no news cameras allowed. and another is an a-list concert with katy perry, and bon jovi, and more in just a few moments. >> 4, 3, 2, 1 -- and liftoff. >> that right there marking a new era in space flight from cape canaveral florida. nasa has stepped aside to the international space station. and meningitis outbreak has grown by one-third in 24 hours. 91 cases in nine states including seven deaths. 27 cases since yesterday. nearly half of the new cases in michigan. men unskwraoeutious has been linked to contaminated steroid injections. and there's a voluntary recall for all the products from the manufacture. >>> most of the country's voting places are still open right now. the polls will stay open as long as people are waiting in line to vote. hugo chavez has been in charge for 13 years there. >>> now to some very disturbing video from the syrian war. some viewers, particularly children, may want to look
believe that governor romney did better than president obama, that has to help, right, andy? >>guest: that is a big number. most of the time, debate cosmonaut make much difference in the direction of a campaign because they are not ever this lopsided. what this has done, it has energized republicans. we can see it in the polls. the gallup polls pre- and post- debate show romney going from 5 percent behind to a dead heat. it is even bigger, a george washington university poll shows a 12 percentage point twinge with romney leading. there is a change in the dynamism that republicans feel. the republicans are more enjoyed. >>eric: and predebate, governor romney was at 45 percent and president obama was at 50 percent, a five-point lead by the president. post debate, october 4-6, that was 47 percent to 47 percent. that is a big swing. that is a gallup poll. that is a big move, isn't it? >>guest: that is a significant move. as i pensioned, among likely voters it has shifted more because one of the things that happened in campaigns and especially in the battleground states where you have eve
a two-point bump. either way it's news. (laughter) right now, folks, the obama people where are december it fromly trying to lower expectations. it's sad, just listen to obscene your advisor and anthropomorphized vanishing sound david plouffe. (laughter) jim? >> we've accepted that governor romney will have a good night. he's prepared more than any candidate in himselfry and shown himself to be a good debater through the years. we're sure he'll put on quite a show wednesday. >> yes, if there's one word america associates with mitt romney it's "show." (laughter) meanwhile, the romney people aren't playing these silly games. they're just being honest when they hail the president as a uniquely gifted speaker who is widely regarded as one of the most talented political communicators in modern history. (laughter) yes! he's a one-in-a-generation statesman whose rhetorical gift touched the human soul! when he speaks sparrows of the wood alight upon barack's shoulders as they did upon saint francis of assisi. he's no mere man he's a silver-tongued angel whose words can cure the sick, soothe the
. enough. thank you. up next, a debate guru tells us what romney and obama did right execute. and the final thing is you have to be mentally prepared. i don't think the president was really mentally prepared to take on governor romney and i certainly think that he was in shock when governor romney went on offense and stayed on offense throughout the debate and put the president on his heels and the president's worst moments are when is on defense and that is where he spent most of the night. >> chris: all right. we asked you to pick some moments where you thought the candidates did something particularly good or particularly bad and we are going to start with your good moment for romney. here it is. >> my plan has five basic parts. one, get us energy independent. north american energy independent. that creates about 4 million jobs. >> chris: and then he went on to list the other of his five point plan. what s your point? get out your basic program right at the start? >> you know, if the very beginning governor romney cast a expectations for the debate. folks accused him of not being specifi
. enough. thank you. up next, a debate guru tells us what romney and obama did right >> chris: he has been called the nation's best political debate coach. he prepped george w. bush in 2004. john mccain in 2008 and michele bachmann and then mitt romney in this primary campaign. we asked brett o'donnell to join us today to talk about this week's debate and how both candidates need to recalibrate for the next one. the big i think it is fare to coming out of this debate is what happened to president obama. why did he do so poorly. obviously you were in the room but best guess what do you think his debate team failed to do to prepare him for wednesday night? >> three areas where you have to prepare a candidate. the first s they have to know the issues and policy on both sides. i think president obama s fine in that area. but the last two areas i think his team may have failed. the second is you have to have a strategy going into the debate to execute. and the final thing is you have to be mentally prepared. i don't think the president was really mentally prepared to take on governor romney and
in green jobs. >> is the president on the right track? fox news reporting breaks it down behind obama's green agenda from denver, colorado here is bret baier. >> colorado epitomizes colorado mountains a state with magnificent beauty rich natural resources and enterprising people. few places straddle the great divide over environment protection the way colorado does. like america has a whole, folks here don't always agree on how to balance our duty on the one handnd to be good s swards of th earth ananonhe ottr r e eurur theneration c cnnre al of t t b befs c c ofr.r. x x wsas beenn c cssssossing the country to bring you a better understanding of what is really driving the green debate. first up greg jug jarrett investigates a high ranking obama employee from the environmental protection agency and whether his radical views are all too common in the increasing powerful agent. >> al was one of the environmental protection agencies top officials until this tape went viral in april of 2012. >> go to a turkish town somewhere and that is managed for the next few years. >> crucify them. he
of rights. so for generations liberals have sought to this holy grail, and on the obama was able to find it, to deliver, to create the first comprehensive national health care plan not tarry just at the poor or the sec or the old but everyone, the 100% solution or at least in theory a 100% solution. now, in this sense, of course, obamacare is the latest triumph of entitlement rights. one of the new deal signal contributions to liberalism as we know it today. entitlement rights means socioeconomic rates, as they are sometimes called, like the right to health care or to a job or to a vacation from the job or to security in old age. all those kinds of socio-economic writes that demand programs that have transformed and three center our politics. together these implied a new view of the social contract. the old view pervading that declaration of independence was that individuals have preexisting natural rights or god-given rights. individuals, by unanimous consent, formed a social compact and then set up government by majority vote to secure these rights and the people safety and happiness. but
proven right? >> eric: the left was complaining about the timing. interfering with president obama handling of the crisis and turns out president obama should have listened to him. >> exactly. anything that president obama does is right thing to do. anything that romney does is interfering. >> dana: but having been vindicated they go back to he fumbled the foreign policy issue. why do they blame the video. that excuse would have been something everyone swallowed. if you have a free media and you have independent thought and you say this can't be true, news reports today concerned about security after being asked, nobody is asking where did they get the idea it's all blamed on the video? >> kimberly: you have been hanging out with greg gutfeld. >> greg: i want to go to the other stop. woods spoke to cbs about the issues with security. >> eric: for continued security, that we had, we had known. we needed more, not less. >> experts are telling 100%s at the state -- 100% headquartes we need them. >> for what reasons i don't know. >> greg: that is harsh. >> kimberly: it's not. this is t
president barack obama making another swing right through the golden state in hopes of raising millions for his campaign. we'll tell you where he'll be and what he'll be doing in the bay area. >>> plus the history making in the central valley this morning. >>> a scientist at ucsf has just won the nobel prize for medicine. coming up, hear from the winner. why some say this could be a major breakthrough for regenerative medicine. >> why facebook is more tempting than sex. we'll have the results of a new study on social media and the urge to check your new speed. >> reporter: good morning. i'm bob redell. i'll take you live to the san mateo coastline for the results of the pumpkin weigh off. >> that pumpkin looks a little peak id. how about that, the city by the bay. it's spectacular. christina loren going to tell us the weather update. your news starts right now. >>> good morning everybody. happy columbus day one and all. happy you can join us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. decision 2012 is coming the the bay area. modern history in the making. the president is honoring a
[ bleep ]. >> and president barack obama. [ applause ] >> all right. i guess that was okay. i was kind of bored. joe, were you bored? i was bored. >> intro was better. >> intro was better. >> the start of the show was much better. that's a pretty good skit. >> he has more. should we let him go on? >> this is good. this might apply to you. you have a cat. >> yeah, i do. >> when did the show start? >> we're going right now. >> this is pretty good. >> did you know that you can actually give your pet the flu? you can give emma the flu. >> i never gave -- >> i could care less. you can move right past that. that is the stupidest thing i've heard. what is that, news you can use? >> this is news you can use. >> okay. the morn important stoe importa suleman, do you remember her? >> who's nadya suleman? >> don't even go there. >> the octo mom. >> oh, my god. >> you don't remember her? >> no. >> she's amazing. she was trying to support her poor -- she's got 14 kids. celebrity boxing. and porn. porn. you've got to support your kids. you've got to do porn. she's doing something that she's much bett
in libya. james rose listen have that story tonight in just a few moments. right now, president obama is in search of consolation and cash in california. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. >> reporter: raising ever more campaign cash in hollywood at a concert with stars like katy perry and jon bonn jovi he poked fun at his debate debacle in denver. >> everybody here is a professional and great friends and they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> the sudden plunge in the president poll numbers, though, is no laughing matter for chicago. in addition to republican romney taking the lead in the new pew poll, the first gallup daily tracking poll since that debate shows romney fought his way back to tie nationally knotted up at 47%. bounce for romney since before the debate when he was trailing in the same poll by 5 points. groping for answers about why the president stumbled almost a full week later his top advisors are still pushing the narrative that romney lied his way to victory. >> look, george, governor romney h
. it doesn't mean that he's right. nice job on the debate the tactics, and president obama i can't believe you screwed that up. look at all those lies, why didn't you attack him. it doesn't mean that he's telling the truth and it doesn't mean that president obama is not accurate in what he says is his policies and numbers. i look at these numbers, i think, oh my god there are people who accidently believe that that good debate was reality. the reason why president obama had a bad debate is because he could not clearly show that mitt romney does not live in a reality-based world. now i'm getting pissed. look, i don't mean you should vote for romney. to me that is so obvious right? but apparently it's not obvious to people at home. that's why president obama has to do a much better job at these debates because they aren't theoretical. they're not patty cakes. it causes people to vote for the other guy. nonetheless, don't panic average all the polls that obama is up 48-47%. it's not a big lead but it's still a lead. and the swing states. well, if obama has the lead of over 2.5 percentage poin
republicans don't agree on this with pressure on barack obama, david. >> all right, jorge ramos with our partners at univision. jorge, thank you. >>> back in this country now and we turn this evening to the unsolved mystery in colorado tonight. the 10-year-old girl who vanished without a trace while heading to school. there is a massive search under way tonight. abc's clayton sandell is in colorado with the first key clue in this case. >> reporter: three days since 10-year-old jessica ridgeway vanished. today the first real clue. police recovered a backpack and water bottle they believe might be jessica's about six miles from where she vanished. >> the backpack has been isolated. the bloodhound is being used. >> reporter: today new teams of scent dogs combed her westminster, colorado, neighborhood. jessica's mother sarah says she last saw her daughter friday as she walked to school but she never arrived. the school called home, but her mother works overnights and says she was asleep missing the call. by the time she discovered jessica missing, eight crucial hours had passed. to give you
that obama drew about 40,000. >> stephanie: right. >> the debate has definitely given the press an opening. >> stephanie: yeah, you have said everyone hyperventilated about how this debate changes everything. you might want to check in with john kerry if it really does. >> we have been on the other side of this fence. when the other guy had a convention, and then the first debate, the incumbent shows up doesn't do that well, and all of the kerry supporters said aha, this changes everything and the polls did tighten, and we thought we had it in the bag. i can't remember a presidential campaign which is this enormous titanic -- oops enormous ship -- it's hard to turn those on a single debate, and i don't think this one is going to be either. you can't move a steam ship like that. >> stephanie: as you point out, obama raised $150 million in september. it has been an awful 24 hours for him. as we talked about before it seems like the main thing the punditry is a horse race. >> exactly. none of the swing states matterer, none -- the final debate is really open to questio
the donald has been less than silent on the abysmal obama record he like so many on the right have been subjected to ridicule by the president and his team out of chicago. >> can the president do more to show leadership on being transparent with regard to documents, records, his own background that's another underlying theme the campaigns are going at. >> are you talking about donald trump? >> i know he has been taking flack lately but no one is happier no one is prouder to put this birth certificate record to rest than the doll nald. >> looking to continue to bring up is college records. >> the donald trump question which i think he is the one who brings it up the most. >> last year at this time on this very weak end we finally delivered justice to one of the world's most notorious individuals. (applause) >> joining me now we have a studio audience let's welcome the one and only donald trump. >> great to see you. how are you? >> it is honored to be mentioned by the president so often. >> i wanted to start here with you for one reason, you are willing to say something, i have said it fe
with willie geist" starts right now. >>> president obama looks to counter his poor debate performance last week by highlighting two numbers that democrats hope will give a boost to the campaign. one is the 7.8% unemployment rate and the other is a $181 million fundraising haul. the question is which candidate has the momentum? >>> hugo chavez wins re-election to a third term in venezuela. the question is, will the next 6 years of a chavez presidency look any different than the previous 14? >>> and the new orleans saints lo
, and maybe, and i say maybe because all along the criticism from the right is that candidate obama and president obama is out of his league, not a real president, they've said that, john sununu on msnbc. >> what people saw last night is a president that revealed his incompetance, and he has no idea how serious the economic problems are and how he failed to even begin to address him. >> it's obvious that he is a real president and has been on the job for almost four years and i don't think a person that keeps a schedule like he does is lazy, and detached, i am not so sure about that, and if i may, mr. president, some advice, and i would say the same thing to mr. romney had he performed during the debate, and with all due respect, if you want to show the right, left and in between that you are not, quote, out of your league, stop looking at your notes, and stop writing while somebody else is talking and do what my mom and many moms across the country teach us, look people, no matter who they are, dead in the eye, even when you are tired, down or even intimidated, and stand up for you
, but who's counting, right. >> not you. >> no. the candidates are 3,000 miles apart today. president obama in california and mitt romney in virginia. but both campaigns have their eyes on a new poll that shows the race getting even tighter. >> we begin with abc's tahman bradley in washington this morning. good morning, tahman. >> good morning, paula, good morning, rob. polls show a tighter race after last night's debate. and president obama is bringing up huge cash, in fact, he's back on track to raise more than $1 billion. >> reporter: overnight the stars came out to help president obama. bill clinton and katy perry were among celebrities on hand at a fund-raiser. one of five events expected to raise $10 million. this after mr. obama and democrats raised $181 million last month. the president made a joke last week. >> they just performed flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: the president's rival, mitt romney is on the stump drawing huge crowds, thousands of accounts in florida. >> you'll have the chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now, of cou
did not seem able to counterpoints. >> right. obama could not get past the sound bites. now, i am old enough to remember when walter mondale beat ronald reagan in the first debate. no, my god. walter mondale will be president of the united states. of course, reagan came back. that is when he made his famous statement. i won't use my opponent's age and experience in this debate. but then, i think the vice presidential debate is important because that is coming up thursday. i think that paul ryan has also come across as being presidential. could this guy to fahey is pretty young. gerri: big expectations. i expect 55% ryan, biden 39. >> while. gerri: when the expectations are that high a is easy to give it up. >> that is true, as barack obama learned. i would let joe biden do as much stocking. you never know when he's going to stuff his foot in his mouth. he has done it multiple times over the last few weeks. gerri: romney's court in that debate on issues that he really wanted to talk about, jobs and the deficit. my understanding is that you just looked at this today and found obama scor
inspirational store of a's pitcher pat >> ama: president obama is making money and music right now in los angeles. the president arrived at los angeles international airport a few hours ago. he is takenning a fundraiser concert now and he will do the same thing tomorrow here in the bay area. the president's first event is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. at the interconstant anybody -- intercontinental hotel in san francisco. that's followed by a dinner and concert reception at the bill graham civic auditorium at 5:00. the fundraiser will include a performance by john legend. >> mitt romney campaigned in florida today. the sunshine state is a must-have for republicans to recapture the white house. today romney called any increase in the federal deficit immoral and promised to cut and cap federal spending spending and pe country on track to a balanced budget. >> you don't have to wait until november to vote. early voting in california starts tomorrow. by law vote by mail begins 29 days before the election and that's monday. you can also go to your county elections office and cast a ballot. >> all v
for his plan. nina is right, both are not being totally straight with the voters. president obama goes after romney and ryan in the way the democrats go after the gop when it comes to entitlements, but as we know, last summer, president obama was happy to make serious changes to medicare in exchange for getting a grand bargain. if he is reelected, he will go back to the table and i am sure the same questions will be on the table again. he has said he is open to making those changes. >> let me explain the difference between what obama would do with a $716 billion, and what romney and ryan would do. obama takes the money out of medicare and reduces the payments to doctors and hospitals which obviously reduces services. one sixth of all hospitals will have to shut down or refuse the elderly. he takes the money, and the 716 he saves, and places it into a new entitlement called obamacare, which will fund the uninsured. good cause but it takes from a and gives to b. what ryan does, in the original plan, he takes the same amount, and put it back into the medicare trust fund way to invest in t
will bet you $20 right now. i'll make a romney $10,000 bet that obama care is not repealed. >> i'll bet you it will be repealed, but i'll buy a gift for your new daughter. >> thank you. >> if romney wins, which was not expected a week ago but is now more expected, if he wins what is the stock market impact? is it greater than earnings and the federal reserve? how do you assess a romney victory? >> what becomes important is the effect on capital gains and dividend taxes. we as investors view asset investments on an after-tax basis. they make those particular investments more attractive, and we saw this with respect to to t cool stocks. >> the average small business has 2.5 employees, the average is over 5. small businesses get a boom in that. >> i don't disagree with what you're saying but i focus on the tax policy. >> they'll go sky high if romney loses and skier higher because of obama care. >> that said, just to repeat, i disagree. >> all detriments to growth. >> detriments to growth. if romney wins, the odds of obama care being fully repealed are virtually nil. >> the worst aspects of it
ounce right now. president obama goes to hollywood. more high-priced fundraisers. there's something different this time, the president mocked his own debate performance. we'll tell you and show you, but first, doesn't everyone send greeting cards in the mail anymore? is the internet killing that? charles payne, lori rothman, they're joining me talking about greeting cards, the internet. ♪ in a letter and sealed with a kiss ♪ ♪ yes, it's going to be a cold lonely summer ♪ >> is thises this is a rather strong word. some say the internet has ruined the greeting card industry. and hall mark says the number of cards is down 1 billion over the last ten years, it's to receive e-mail, but not as much as going to the mailbox and getting a card. that would be my opinion in some respects, i like letters, care for cards. >> i do, too, i'm old-fashioned i love reading the card and reading the handwritten. and it's easy to fire off an e-mail in a casual way. the formal occasions or milesto milestone, charles. stuart: let knee interrupt. we have a story with charles payne. this man was at
enough for barack obama. does he have to win this one? plus "scoops and predictions" right from the notebooks of chris: welcome back. the president is probably lucky the next debate is a town hall style event where real people will ask the questions of the candidates and he will be like bill clinton perhaps in the famous 1992 town hall when clinton so clearly beat george bush by feeling the pain of a questioner. not as famous as thisis town ha moment in 2004, of course, john kerry was the one who forgot to play to the real people out there. his one key charge is about bush's personal timber holdings, gave w. a chance to look far more human. >> the president got $84 from a timber company he owns and is counted as a small business. dick cheney is counted as a small business. that's how they do things. that's just not right. >> i own a timber company? that's news to me. [laughter] >> need some wood? chris: will barack obama do well in the town hall format? we asked the matthews meter, 12 of our regulars, will obama make effective use of the stuff he kept off the table in the first
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